Lugansk Icon of Our Lady. Life of Elder Philip of Lugansk.

The story goes on Lugansk Icon of Our Lady.

It was written by a painter best of our time, an ascetic monk Pskov-Pechora monastery recently (in 1992) in honor of the events of June 13, 1905, when the deacon Philip was awarded the phenomenon of the Queen of Heaven. And it is so.

Phillip Yeliseyevich Gorbenko, a native of Chernigov province, at the end of XIX century arrived in Lugansk in search of work. Soon, he arranged a janitor at the entrance of the plant. The Duty places like Philip saw through each and never stopped those who were leaving the factory, honestly, after working a shift. Conversely, when a man fell into the sin of stealing and trying to make the walls of the enterprise stuff, not belonging to him, and he’ll stop him and with his characteristic humility and Christian love have bound.

Many residents of Lugansk Philip attracted godly life, compassion for people, ability and desire to help those in need: who will give the cross, who will give communion bread, and who simply good word to say. And he surprised all his insight because all predicted they will certainly come to pass. Philip rarely spoke directly about what should happen more often expressed metaphorically or present prophecy as a parable.

In 1905, during construction of the powder magazine, the plant had to bring in construction materials. Drawn by the desire for gain, the four workers who accompanied the cargo, have decided to steal a cart with wood in the hope that the exact number of them nobody knows. But when they arrived at the entrance of the plant, Philippe, seeing he had brought, he asked:
– And where is the cart? Another, fourth, not enough. Or richer than it would be of that wicked one listening? You better live the truth that they have lived.

Afraid of the thieves that Philip knew about the carts, and, fearing exposure, consulted and decided to kill him.

But the Queen of Heaven to protect their saint, and thieves have witnessed this miracle that took place in 1905, 13 June, new style.

Waiting until nightfall, four robbers were waiting for Philip, who was in a hurry to replace (peresmenka at the plant took place at midnight), crept up behind him and one of the villains had already picked up a stone, which was going to hit it. But this time the sky lit up with the light of unprecedented beauty, and Philip, and raised his eyes to heaven, began to pray.
Attackers stopped in amazement and said:

– Look, Philip there that one sees!

And he stood and watched and saw the Queen of Heaven, running on clouds. This phenomenon he prayed, saying aloud the prayer Cross and crossed himself. And every word uttered by Philip imprinted on the sky in letters of gold, and soon high in the sky formed the phrase “Let God arise, and be scattered at once his” shining heavenly golden light.

But to see it was given only to Philippe. The challenges as beside the robbers saw only a strong light because the hardness of her they could not behold the Queen of Heaven. As they later told, when had strong heavenly lights, in front of them suddenly became quickly erected a high wall, and soon they could not see who was standing next to them Philip.

But Philip route through the Mother of God seen in front of her maids of heaven. Some of them were on their knees.

When the Mother of God has its way, the glow still remained, and therefore Philip continued to pray the Blessed Virgin Mary. And then, after a certain period of time, he again saw the Queen of Heaven, but in other clothes and going through the clouds in the other direction.

Hands of the Blessed Virgin was piled crosswise, as in the icon of the Mother of God “Tenderness”, and follow her, singing the monastic rank.

Sometime later, Philip saw the Mother of God – all in white and already reaching toward him. A little before reaching it, the Queen of Heaven stamped her foot, and from under it sparks, creating a glowing mound. Being on this shining hill, Mother of God took her veil, flowing from her shoulders, and covered his head with them. Then she turned to Philip with the words:

– Philip, by the will of my Son you were in Lugansk. Divine Providence has called you here specifically to serve God and people. From that day grace born from me and my help will be with you, but you can still help people, prayer dispelling demons, warning, and healing people. My intercession you will be safe. And this is the day my hail phenomenon Lugansk remember and teach all honor his memory, the city of the same this I say that at the end of the world will be called on – Svyatograd Lugansk. And many people will gather here in anticipation of these terrible days, without knowing why. And my help and blessing be upon the time with them on the Day of Judgement. I’ll post these things Protector and God will ask him.
Saying it, the Queen of Heaven bless Philip and left. The robbers were also dazzled by shining light of heaven.

During all the years of his life, Philip claimed that the phenomenon of the Mother of God was not specifically to him, and mercy and the mother to cover all Orthodox residents of Lugansk.

Time passed. Hardships fell upon the church and the people. Lamented the basis of national life, began a general persecution and harassment. Along with all the people Bogolyubova his soul suffered and elder.

In a short period, all the temples in the city were closed and most of them exploded. The only existing temple has remained the Holy Ascension Church, located in the village of Aleksandrovka. This, then walked out of the city elder Philip, to pray to the Lord and the Mother of God, and ask them for people intercession.

And in the thirties of last century, when there was lyuteyshee persecution of the people, in one day was the intercession of God for the Church of Christ: the prayer of the elder tree treatment happened in stone. It is so.

Together with a group of people close to him hurry Philip temple on holiday. Near the temple was preserved and still count manor. In the Count’s park elder was greeted by a group of local Komsomol, block his path. They mocked him, laughed, questioned the foundations of faith and demanded a miracle, saying:

– What are you, a servant of God! Prove to us that is your God! And not a word but indeed, prove it!

On the ground next to Philip lay a large tree stump. On the one hand, he kept on his prints ax, and the other was rotten. The old man knelt by the fallen trunk, lifted his hands toward heaven and cried to the Lord. After the prayer, he hit with his stick three times on a tree and said:

– Oak still be turned to stone in memory of my testimony and God’s miracles, but for those who will not believe what has been said about me, the stone will be visible proof of my life. The stone is this will lie till doomsday, strengthening the weak in faith – after a pause, he added – not yet in bloom.

And a miracle happened – a fallen tree trunk really turned into a stone, which has been preserved to this day. In our time, during the construction of the cinema, the stone would move to the other end of the park, but when, bound him with chains, tried to do this, the chain broke like thread. Replaced by new ones, but the chain again exploded. Have not been able to move this stone, and he lay there in his place. Only 14 May 2001, when the Orthodox Church honored the icon of the Mother of God “Unexpected Joy”, by Reverend Lord Ionnikiya stone could be moved from the village of Oleksandrivka in Lugansk, setting it next to the chapel, located near the Central Bus Station, at the grave of the elder Philip.

Even before the death of the elder was thinking about people. Dying, he comforted all, asked him not to grieve and say:

– When I die, come to me, as to the living. Going to the grave, you call me, I will hear you and help you in your grief.

So it is. I have experienced this assistance. By the tomb of Philip constantly followed by people, everyone is drawn to the elder with his misfortune, and all believe that he will help them.

Through all his life carried Philip in his heart, the blessed memory of the Queen of Heaven appeared to him and every year on June 13 ceremony celebrating this blessed miracle. On this day the old man brought to the temple of his cell, the image of the Mother of God, to transmit all details of events, and before him rose a moleben singing.

Very often, the old man said that even those who knew him, who will live later, fame Luhansk Icon of the Mother of God. But not one that is him, and reflects in detail all phenomenon, but one that will be written much later in the memory of this event. Also, Philip said:

– Will pass this icon of a cross through the city. Even strangers come and worship her. People will follow the same walk, sing and rejoice.

It happened. In 1992, Luhansk Icon of the Mother of God, mentioned by Philip, was written. The holy image is executed in the Byzantine iconographic tradition. It has no analogs in the picture throughout the Orthodox world. Virgin is depicted in full length in the dark blue, made of lapis lazuli night sky, indicating that night-time phenomenon Dame. Twelve gold stars surrounding the Pure – a symbol of the twelve apostles. The base, on which stands the Blessed, is an earthly throne – Church Earth. Seven precious stones that adorn it – symbols of the seven sacraments of the church. Azure skies and warm greens lower part of the background, as a symbol of the earth, a reminder that we face the Queen of heaven and earth.

To date, this image of Our Lady adorns St. Peter and Paul Cathedral city of Lugansk. The same icon is available in the chapel at the tomb of Philip the deacon.

In 2002, the feast of the Protection of the Mother of God image, painted on the wall, plenty of myrrh. All this year, believes the people applying to this holy image, anoints the world that issues forth from the icon. In certain days mirotochenie happening now.

The heart of the people, in front of which there is a miracle, ignited a love of the Blessed Mother of God and to the saint of God elder-deacon Philip.

Jubilant hail Lugansk and the whole Orthodox world, praising the icon thy Lady. Then fell in love look down at her and cry:

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